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His natural ability to express through word
and image give him an advantage when creating strong communication.

Lynn Catalano, 

Creative Director, Philips Design

An experienced, strategic creative, with a desire to understand and solve problems through effective and memorable design solutions. I work across various disciplines, using relevant tools to help get the message across.  

I love ideas
Ideas are tools that I use to solve design problems. Everything I do is centred around an original idea. 


I talk it through
For me, a conversation is where every job begins. 

I listen and learn

A brief is a two-way process. I listen, but I'll also question, explore and seek to understand. 


I keep an open mind
It's never a good idea to limit yourself. Great ideas often come from unexpected places. 


I take the straightforward approach
Who likes complicated? I look to be effective yet refreshingly simple.


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